The Workshop on Innovative Nanoscale Devices and Systems (WINDS) is a week long, international, and interactive workshop designed to explore the fundamental properties of nanoscale devices and applications thereof. In particular, WINDS provides a forum for material, device, and characterization as well as experimental and modeling researchers to interact.

This annual workshop is the successor of the original WINDS and the International Symposium on Advanced Nanodevices and Nanotechnology (ISANN), which were held on alternate years. This merging of the two allows for a single international conference to be held each year in Hawaii in late November or early December. WINDS itself began as an outgrowth of the successful Advanced Heterostructures Workshop (AHW), which has a long history dating back to 1986. In 2008, the name changed from AHW to Advanced Heterostructures and Nanostructures Workshop (AHNW), when in 2010 it changed to WINDS in order to recognize the importance of nanotechnology in general, and the applications to systems. ISANN has a long history as well, as it arose in 2009 from the New Phenomena in Mesoscopic Systems (NPMS) and the Surfaces and Interfaces in Mesoscopic Devices (SIMD) conferences, which have been founded in the late 1980s and early 1990s, respectively.

Upcoming conference

WINDS 2021 will take place from November 28 to December 3, 2021 at the Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa, Hawaii.


2021WINDSWaikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa, HawaiiTomoki Machida, Jaroslav Fabian, Akira Oiwa, John Conley, Josef Weinbub, Stephen Goodnicktba
2020WINDSWaikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa, HawaiiTomoki Machida, Jaroslav Fabian, Akira Oiwa, John Conley, Josef Weinbub, Stephen GoodnickLinkCancelled due to COVID-19
2019WINDSFairmont Orchid, HawaiiDavid Janes, Henning Riechert, Tomoki Machida, John F. Conley, Josef Weinbub, Stephen GoodnickLink
2018WINDSWestin Hapuna Beach Resort, HawaiiJosef Weinbub, Berry Jonker, Henning Riechert, Tomoki Machida, Stephen Goodnick, Siegfried SelberherrLink
2017WINDSHapuna Beach Prince Hotel, HawaiiKazuhiko Matsumoto, Berry Jonker, Josef Weinbub, Tomoki Machida, Stephen Goodnick, Siegfried SelberherrLink (cached)
2016WINDSHapuna Beach Prince Hotel, HawaiiBerry Jonker, Wolfgang Porod, Viktor Sverdlov, Kazuhiko Matsumoto, Stephen GoodnickLink (cached)
2015ISANNHilton Waikoloa Village, HawaiiKoji Ishibashi, Stephen Goodnick, Yoshiro Hirayama, Link (cached)In Honor of Nobel Laureate Klaus von Klitzing
2014WINDSHapuna Beach Prince Hotel, HawaiiViktor Sverdlov, Berry Jonker, Siegfried Selberherr, Koji Ishisbashi, Stephen GoodnickLink (cached)
2013ISANNSheraton Kauai Resort Poipu Beach, KauaiKoji Ishibashi, Stephen Goodnick, Akinobu KandaLink (cached)
2012WINDSHapuna Beach Prince Hotel, HawaiiKoji Ishibashi, Stephen Goodnick, Akira Fujiwara
2011ISANNSheraton Maui Resort, Kaanapali, MauiKoji Ishibashi, Stephen Goodnick, Junichi MotohisaIn Honor of David K. Ferry
2010WINDSHapuna Beach Prince Hotel, HawaiiWolfgang Porod, Stephen Goodnick, Koji Ishibashi, David Janes, Siegfried Selberherr, Herb Goronkin
2009ISANNSheraton Maui Resort, Kaanapali, MauiYoshinobu Aoyagi, Stephen Goodnick, Koji Ishibashi, David K. Ferry
2008AHNWHapuna Beach Prince Hotel, HawaiiYoshiro Hirayama, Stephen Goodnick, Herb Goronkin
2007ISANNWaikoloa Beach Marriott, Waikoloa, HawaiiYoshinobu Aoyagi, Stephen Goodnick, Koji Ishibashi
2006AHWHapuna Beach Prince Hotel, HawaiiStephen Goodnick
2005NPMS-SIMDRitz-Carlton Hotel Kapalua, MauiStephen Goodnick, Yoshinobu Aoyagi,
David K. Ferry, Chihiro Hamaguchi, Jon Bird
In Honor of Gottfried Landwehr
2004AHWHapuna Beach Prince Hotel, HawaiiJoachim Wolter, Stephen Goodnick, Yoshiro Hirayama, Klaus Ploog, Herb Goronkin
2003NPMS-SIMDBeach Resort Marriott, Wailea, MauiDavid K. Ferry, Stephen Goodnick, Chihiro Hamaguchi, Yoshinobu Aoyagi, Jon BirdIn Honor of Susumu Namba
2002AHWHapuna Beach Prince Hotel, HawaiiChihiro Hamaguchi, Stephen Goodnick
2001NPMSOutrigger/Marriott Waikoloa, HawaiiSusumu Namba, Chihiro HamaguchiIn Honor of Rolf William Landauer
2000AHWHapuna Beach Prince Hotel, HawaiiJoy Laskar
1999SIMDHyatt Regency, Kaanapallli, Maui
1998AHWHapuna Beach Prince Hotel, HawaiiJoy Laskar
1998NPMSMarriott, KauaiSusumu Namba, Chihiro Hamaguchi
1997SIMDHyatt Regency, Kaanapallli, Maui
1996AHWHapuna Beach Prince Hotel, HawaiiNaoki Yokoyama
1995NPMSHyatt Regency, Kaanapallli, MauiTsuneya Ando, Chihiro Hamaguchi, Susumu Namba
1994AHWHapuna Beach Prince Hotel, Hawaii
1993SIMDKeauhou Beach, HawaiiDavid K. Ferry
1992AHWHapuna Beach Prince Hotel, Hawaii
1992NPMSPrince Hotel Kaanapallli, MauiSusumu Namba, Chihiro Hamaguchi
1990AHWHapuna Beach Prince Hotel, HawaiiHerb Goronkin
1989NPMSKeauhou Beach Hotel, HawaiiSusumu Namba, Chihiro Hamaguchi
1988AHWKeauhou Beach Hotel, HawaiiHerb Goronkin, Naoki Yokoyama
1986AHWSanta Barbara, California


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